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Wax Lilac Lantern with heart

Product code: SEI2002

17,69 VAT included

Wax lantern lilac: you can use also as vase for flowers

The product is handmade and there is no other copy. We can make a wax lantern with the colour that you want 

Size: height 13 cm x diameter 13 cm 

Available: yes
More available upon order: no

Jerry Horse riding animal

Product code: 9906

261,08 VAT included


riding horse

Is there any little girl who hasn‘t always wanted to ride out on a black horse? The seat height of 68 cm of our saddle horse "Thunder" equals a proper ride on a pony. The horse is steerable and with the correct riding movements steps it through house, garden or park. For children from 5 upwards. 90 x 32 x 93 cm - max 65 kg

Available: no
More available upon order: no

Wood toy shop

Product code: 6952

190,56 VAT included


Store wood - puppet theater

A shop made entirely of wood that is quickly transformed into a theater. The spacious shelving allows you to enter a number of products. Size : 159 x 18 x 121 cm

Available: yes
More available upon order: within 7 working days

Tea light with spices fragrance copia copia

Product code: 11152606

2,97 VAT included


25 tea lights with spices fragrance, life 4 hours

Available: yes
More available upon order: within 10 working days

Wood train toy Top

Product code: 1565

148,84 VAT included

Wood train.

Size about  50 * 38 * 110 cm The photo explain exactly the content. 114 pieces 

Available: yes
More available upon order: no

Lamp garden home made

Product code: CANDX001

17,64 VAT included


KIT for making garden candles = LIFE SAMA AS 10 GARDEN CANDLES

In few seconds you can make a garden candles with citronella fragrance that is used against mosquito: fill up the lamp with the powder wax, put the wick and  light up the candle. Too esay!  With the supplied wax you can refill 10 times your candle.


Content: earthenware lamp, vegetable wax –750 gr, tank of citronella oil—10 ml, wicks, instruction.

Packing for ditributor: 12 pails in one carton box 40 x 40 H 45 cm (on pallet 80 x 120: 6 boxes per layer; till 4 layer)

Available: yes
More available upon order: yes

Star canlde

Product code: SEI005

1,50 VAT included

Sellable quantities: min 6

Star white candle

Star white candle. Size : 50 x 180 mm. weight about 200 gr

Available: yes
More available upon order: within 5 working days