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Transportation is edited by Express Couriers DHL, FedEx
 The cost of shipping depends on the weight of the products purchased.


The rates above are valid with standard delivery at street level for delivery to the floor will be charged an additional fee on shipping costs , when entering order , the customer must choose shipping with delivery " on the ground " .

For orders that include more products the transport expense is calculated based on the total weight of all products inserted , and not calculated on the single piece therefore the transport costs will be lower compared to the single order.


About 2 working days excluding the islands for almost all products.
For products not in stock it takes 4-5 working days extra .
Some craft candles are made after receiving the order. Only in this case it takes 7-10 working days.
We recommend that you always check the delivery time in case of urgent order.

For DELIVERIES BY APPOINTMENT . The customer can arrange for delivery by the Courier will be contacted by the office of competence , after receiving email notification of shipment, if the carrier does not receive any provision regarding the goods will be delivered immediately without notice.

Deliveries by APPOINTMENT must be requested by inserting specific note in the order comments during insertion , or by requesting it later to an operator prior to the shipment of the products in which case the courier to contact you 24 hours before the delivery date and to agree indicative time delivery of products. Should the customer not affix any statement to the goods will be delivered immediately without notice , in addition to these scheduled deliveries are not considered valid 2/5gg the indicated time period .

You can not request Override delivery appointment.

 The time now indicated from the date of the order confirmation sent to the customer . Seilor assumes no responsibility for problems caused due to force majeure that prevent, in whole or in part , to implement the shipment within the time specified in this contract

Terms and delivery costs
The Seilor Trade co invoices of material , sending it via e-mail to the Customer, in accordance with Article 21 of Presidential Decree 633/1972 , as amended by the Resolution of the Ministry of Finance: 452017 protocol of 30 /07 / 1990 . The invoice is delivered with the goods and transmitted in case of loss of the same upon specific request of the customer, attached to the e -mail in PDF format , and therefore , it is considered issued and sent in the original. Original print and keep pursuant to Presidential Decree 633/72 established the VAT No change in the bill will be possible after the issuance thereof .
The contribution of transport is fixed according to the area, the quantity of products purchased and the carrier selected .
Mode receipt of goods
Delivery is made by the following carriers : SDA , Artoni Trasporti Spa ,

Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check that:
        the number of packages delivered corresponds to that indicated in the transport document
        the packaging is not damaged, or wet or otherwise altered, including the sealing materials ( adhesive tape or metal )
Any damage or the mismatch in the number of packages or particulars, must be immediately reported to the carrier making the delivery ( by accepting the goods with a prudent reserve to be written in the courier DDT : Ex: " damaged parcel , parcels that are damaged .. ) once signed the slip , the customer can not make any objection on the external characteristic of the delivered .
We recommend , when parcels are perfectly intact , to affix on DDT courier marked accept merchandise subject to control .
Any problems with the products received must be reported within 5 days from delivery ( postmark date shown in the DDT courier ) to
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